Career Orientation in Vocational Education and Training in Europe

University of Paderborn, Coordinator

The chair Wirtschaftspädagogik II at the University of Paderborn is involved in vocational teacher education and connects teaching with research and project work. The chair’s research field is vocational education and training (VET). One of the main research topics is career orientation for pupils in the field of VET. Professor Dr. Marc Beutner, head of the chair Wirtschaftspädagogik II, already organised and provided career orientation seminars in the field of VET and especially career orientation in schools for mentally handicapped children.

For the chair career orientation is a topic with a special European dimension. The problem of vocational and career orientation exists in each country. The coordinator provides theoretical input about didactics, career orientation in Germany and German ways of work in the field of communication between theory and practice as well as project evaluation and the research backbone of COR-VET.

Universität Paderborn, Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftspädagogik II Germany