Career Orientation in Vocational Education and Training in Europe

ISCOM Modena

ISCOM is the Center for Training Services for the promulgation of Ascom Confcommercio Modena. It currently organises approximately 400 courses per year, financed by the FSE, the Funds trade, the Emilia Romagna with its own funds or directly from the market. These training activities involve nearly 4,000 students per year. Since 1976, the agency works to train young emerging professionals and to elevate the professionalism of entrepreneurs, managers and workers in the face of continuing challenges posed by the economy.

The proximity to a trade association allows ISCOM to have systematic and regular contact with the business realities of commerce, services and tourism, and enables initiatives responding to the real needs of workers and enterprises. ISCOM believes that COR-VET provides the potential of greatly improving the preparation of young professionals for the labour market.

ISCOM Modena