Career Orientation in Vocational Education and Training in Europe

European Learning Network

European Learning Network’s (ELN) vision and mission is to “develop enterprise culture through creativity and innovation”. ELN’s philosophy is that Every Learner Matters, irrespective of gender, age or socio-economic circumstances.

ELN is part of a consortium developing a knowledge hub that will address individually-tailored teaching and learning needs. The age range of these learners is from 16-25 and already there are a few courses on offer. This Learning Network is a collaboration between various stakeholders (e.g. VET providers, NGOs, businesses), both local and global, and through seminars, conferences and workshops will exchange best practices and promote social and economic development contributing to the regeneration within Tower Hamlets and beyond. Through COR-VET ELN will be able to further improve the quality of its educational offers by learning from European partners and discussing new approaches to career orientation.

European Learning Network

United Kingdom